The Colemans



I wanted to do something special for my fiance' for our wedding and this was my present to her. After I booked I spoke with the filmmaker a few times about ideas and logistics. When he came he was cool and polite. We did our interviews as we discussed and then he just kind of blended in and let us have our moments. I only saw 2 cameras but I later learned there were 4! He went everywhere we went, even the rehearsal dinner. It was just cool. I honestly didn't know what to expect as far as the film was concerned. Naturally there was just a lot going on that day and I didn't  know how it would turn out on camera.  


When we got the video back it was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I couldn't believe that it was my wedding. We watched it like 3 times in a row and my wife cried every time, and she never cries. It was just awesome and I feel really blessed to have this film to show to my future kids and grandkids. He really made our love story like a movie.  The experience, the way he went about everything during that day was just awesome. And our film is PHENOMENAL.  Besides my faith, and my wife, this was one of the best decisions I ever made. Two  words... DO IT!!!



Uriah & Mariah Coleman

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